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How to Create An Automated System that Gets Targeted Leads & Customers Every Day

If  you are a business owner or professional service provider looking for consistent leads & customers, our PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising service is for you.

Pay per click advertisingWhat is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising (also called Paid Search) is a highly effective type of online advertising which puts your ad right in front of your target customer at the very moment they are searching for the type of service or product you offer – on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo).

paidsearchYour ad will appear prominently, in premium positions on the search results page, BUT – and this is what’s truly great about PPC – you only pay each time a targeted prospect actually clicks on your ad to find out more about your company or service. That’s why its called Pay Per Click (PPC).  So regardless of how many times your ad is displayed, if targeted buyers simply aren’t coming your way, you pay nothing to the search engine for displaying your ad. Its a low-risk, no-lose scenario.  When you do get clicks, they are typically serious prospects (warm and hot leads) who are actively looking for what you provide, so these are leads well worth paying for.

What’s really unique about PPC as compared to any other form of advertising is that once you decide to run a campaign, your ads can start appearing in front of prospective customers on the first page of Google, Bing, and/ or Yahoo within literally 24 hours.  Unlike more traditional types of advertising, PPC advertising is almost instant. That means you can decide today to begin a PPC campaign and potentially be generating new leads and customers by tomorrow. Its almost as quick as flipping a switch. With a PPC campaign, you can be on the first page of Google (or Bing or Yahoo) for a multitude of targeted search terms within a day. It really is that quick and easy when you hire the digital marketing experts here at Persuasive Marketing Solutions to set up and manage your Pay per Click advertising campaigns.

As Customer Acquisition Specialists, we develop and manage your campaigns effectively so that you get clicks to your website from targeted prospects in your local area who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. From there the ball is in your court – its up to you to turn that lead into a sale by doing what you do best! We’ll do what we do best and get the customer to contact you;  you do what you do best and close the sale!
PPC targets your ideal prospect.Why Use PPC Advertising?

Generating new customers is important for any business to grow, but generating them cost effectively is even more  as important. PPC advertising is a great way to attract new clients in a way that is very cost effective.
The quickest & easiest way to scale your business and get more targeted customers is with Paid Search and PPC ads.

Ready to get more leads and increase your business?

Qualified leads and targeted customers are the “Life Blood” of any business. If your business is NOT acquiring as many leads and customers as you would like, there are 2 ways to acquire new leads online:

There is really no such thing as “Free Traffic”. You always pay for this, at the very least, in terms of time. Generally there is a monetary cost in terms of SEO services (they create content for your website, optimize it, and try to get it to rank well in the search engines). Typically you need to allow a 3 to 6-month period before you will see whether there is a return on your investment.

The trouble with free traffic, SEO, and “organic” online rankings, is that your rankings can literally vanish overnight – and when that happens, so does your business’s online visibility. Google, Bing and Yahoo are making changes to their search alogrithym literally every day, and with every change, you run the risk of losing your rankings and your ability to be found. It happens to businesses every single day – one day they’ve got great visibility on Google, and the next day its all gone.  So if you’ve invested time and/ or money into SEO to achieve organic rankings in the search engines, it can all be lost so easily. You are always at the mercy of the search engines, no matter how good the SEO work is. Any reputable SEO company will admit this. Even big brands lose their search rankings due to search engine algorythm changes.

Paid Traffic gives you control & fast results. You get instant visibility in front of your target market and qualified leads and customers. SIMPLE.

With our PPC services, we can put your in front of buyers right at the precise moment when they are searching for the very service you offer. Its targeted and results are fast, making it superior to most forms of traditional, off-line advertising. With our help, you could be running a Profitable Ads Campaign and generating new leads and sales as quickly as tomorrow.

As Customer Acquisition Specialists, we are uniquely qualified to help brands, businesses and professional service providers leverage paid traffic channels such Google, Facebook and other platforms to grow their customer base – without breaking the bank.  When done correctly, PPC Advertising offers excellent ROI.

In short, with our PPC advertising services, we deliver a steady flow of fresh leads and customers so you can turn more PROFIT.  What smart business owner doesn’t want that?

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