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Facebook Marketing and Social Media Marketing/ Management

Next to Google and YouTube, Facebook is the third largest site on the internet, with 209 million unique users each and every month. (Source), almost everybody is on Facebook.  Today’s marketing experts know that Facebook offers a powerful way for you to capture the attention of your prospects.

If you want to harness the power of online marketing to reach your target customer, you need to be where you customers are – and a large percentage of your prospective customers are regularly spending time each day on Facebook.

But like with anything online, successfully and cost effectively getting your message in front of your prospect at the right time isn’t straight forward  – unless you’ve got the specialized skills to understand the platform’s own unique algorithm. For your advertising to succeed on Facebook, you’ve got to understand “the lay of the land”. Do you know what a Facebook conversion pixel is, and how to install it on your site? Are you able to stay up with Facebook’s constantly changing ad policies (if not your advertising account may end up banned for a completely innocent mistake – Facebook is notorious for it). Do you know how to optimize your ads and bids so that you pay the least for the most exposure?

The Customer Acquisition Specialists at Persuasive Marketing Solutions have undergone hundreds of hours of training, combined with extensive hands on experience, to become skilled at effective Facebook ad management.  We do the work to optimize and manage your ads so you pay the least and maintain a good quality score with Facebook to ensure customers keep coming your way at a cost you’ll be happy with.

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